Air handlers

Traditional heating and cooling systems function by using two parts: the outside unit and the indoor handler unit. The latter works in conjunction with the outdoor air conditioning or heating unit to circulate the cool and warm air throughout your home. If your air flow feels weak then your handler may be in need of maintenance or be replaced. Call Gateway Comfort Systems so we can repair your system at an affordable price.


Coleman is a leader in heating and air conditioning equipment. Gateway Comfort Systems is proud to carry only the best brands for your heat pump, air conditioner, or furnace system.

Coleman brand


Evaporator coils

The most important part of your unit is the evaporator coil. Before air is distributed throughout your home it passes through a series of coils that are connected to the furnace, or air handler. These coils absorb heat from the air allowing its temperature to be regulated before flowing through a refrigerant. Ensure that your coils are functioning properly with the help of Gateway.

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When you have an air conditioning unit outside on a concrete slab or other platform, along with a heat pump in the attic, it is called a packaged system.

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